Cooperation with Deloitte – Workforce Analytics

Since February 2017 HRForecast is cooperating with Deloitte in the sector of Workforce Analytics. Target of this cooperation is to unite our expertise and experience in Workforce Analytics, Big Data and HR Transformation to provide a comprehensive service portfolio for our customers.

One of the biggest challenges for companies is to accurately measure and evaluate employee activities and behaviours. In cooperation with Deloitte and tailor-made methods as well as in-house tools, HRForecast supports you with the analysis of internal and external data to create detailled insights and provide target oriented solutions.


Selection of our services:


Strategic Workforce Planning
Translates your business strategy into concrete workforce demands and skillset requirements, even in volatile environments.

The right people at the right time. With HRForecast your workforce will achieve sustainable high performance levels.

A diverse workforce fosters innovations and competitive advantages. HRForecast supports you to achieve your goals.

Synchronizes your people strategy with the digital agenda by using a cybernetic approach and powerful instruments.

Labour Market Insights
HRForecast supports you to find the best talents all over the world by analyzing different labour markets and inspecting your internal personnel resources.

HR Analytics
Optimizes your HR practices by contributing evidence and finding new insights where previously was a reliance on intuition.

Organisational Efficiency
Conventional HR instruments often reach their limits when it comes to increasing efficiency for existing structures. Big Data Analytics clear the way.

Big Data Analytics provides clear vision, in-depth insights and reduces the costs across all periods of mergers and acquisition.

Operational structures and processes have to include the include the individual skills of employees – not vice versa. Big Data Analytics quickly reveals potential needs for action at an early stage.