Last week the HRForecast office in Bremen received young school visitors: two 5th graders girls were eager to know more about data science business. The HRForecast team was more than happy to share its knowledge with the young motivated guests. Talking to the girls, we realized, that children are already familiar with such topics as A.I. It is rather the senior generation that has not yet understood new technologies and is still struggling with it. We’ve also discussed such relevant topics as the dangers of Internet. While talking about data theft and its influences we’ve also discussed how we can protect ourselves in the online world. The shown interest of the young girls was astonishing for us.

This visit reminded us, how important progressive school education is. We live in a digital age and it is obvious, that our future and the future of the next generation will be driven by technology. Thus, the children should be able to get out of school well prepared to the challenges and expectations of the labour market. It means concretely, that more attention should be paid to the possibility of teaching the programming languages and informatics at school. Germany has to adapt its education system to the challenges of the future to keep pace. In this way we can stay competitive on the international level and fulfil the skills of the future workforce.

We really hope, that we could give some inspiration about the technology world to our visitors. Indeed, they have also inspired us by their sincere review about spending the day at HRForecast. We would love sharing their feedback with you: