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The HRForecast Getaway 2019
Think. Learn. Create.

50+ participants — the entire HRForecast team from Bremen, Munich and Kyiv, HR interested parties and clients took part in the fifth three-days nonstop conducted Getaway on the 16-18th. of June. Thus, it became the biggest Getaway and at the same time coincided symbolically with the 5th anniversary of HRForecast, giving us the great chance to sum up the most relevant issues in HR, their influence on business units and our contribution to the world of People Analytics. We all, including you, dear reader, are working on the same goal — our main duty is to drive changes in the rapidly changing world.

Built in the form of think-tank sessions, the HRForecast Getaway dealt with three huge information blocks all about the future of HR and data-driven workforce management — THINK, LEARN and CREATE, targeting themes as People Analytics, Digital Transformations, Job Changes, Skilling Up, Design Thinking.

We were mainly aimed to provide an atmosphere of peaceful enjoyment, combined with constructive discussion, fascinating learning, and intense experience interchange. We prepared a brief overview for you to get a more detailed look at our Getaway insights.


Our daily sessions were purposefully divided into Guest & Internal Tech sessions, giving everyone the possibility to contribute, express their view and come up with their ideas. We hold the presentations, presented new HR tools, examined the use cases, discussed, asked questions and felt free in considering every relevant problematic, which shows how diverse the structure of Getaway was.

The common thread between all sessions was „What are the concrete possible steps of the HR parties to tackle the digital challenge and to adapt themselves accordingly“.

Starting with a personal assistant and ending with a bookkeeper, every employee needs new skills – both hard and soft, and every company – new rules. Hierarchy is to change into collaboration, slowness into agility, activity into pro-activity. We can’t afford us to be unconscious until our work disappears, because the impact of digitalization is immense, and we’ll feel it more and more. The traditional recruiting questions – «Tell us your strengths and weaknesses» – have nothing personal themselves, consequently, the new valid recruiting methods have to appear.

85% of all companies want to use big data and analytics by 2022.

Among our invited guests and clients there were qualified specialists not only in HR and Proforientation but in Psychology, Digital Transformation, Project Management… These people shared with us their views and expectations about how HR looks like right now and how should it look like in the nearest future.

”HR today in Germany lies in a visible bubble. To get out of this bubble we should think in a comprehensive way and remember that the stairs are always swept from the top.”

— says Dr. Heike Schinnenburg, Professor of Business & Personal Management at the Hochschule Osnabrück and author of numerous scientific articles.

Founders of HRForecast, Christian Vetter and Florian Fleischmann, add unanimously:

”HR has to be symbiotic
to become a real engine of transformation.”

On the one side the government, politicians, and authorities must realize its unquestioning importance and give their support.  On the other hand, HR has to deal both with value-added IT and agile conscious society. Hence, we can summarize that awareness, urgency, complexity, proactivity, feasibility, and changeability are the keywords of the next decades.

Only 23% of skills demanded in German HR positions are future oriented.

Our Getaway ran through various HR, People Analytics, and agility topics. Consequently, it was very important for us to present our #smartApps which ensure its user a great variety of functions and, moreover, to review and discuss them with our guests. We talked about modern technical approaches and tools, that can make HR more digital, agile, and help to jump aboard the digital bandwagon. HRForecast deals every day with the further development of these solutions and it was very exciting and valuable for us to get an external view from the experts and to see which optimization potentials there are.

#SmartPlacement, #smartPlan, #smartPeople, #smartFriends — every member of the Getaway had an opportunity to view how are these Apps working, and how can they be implemented, individually personalized and controlled. Every user of our #smartApps is free to type in his own skills, prioritize them, choose their right seniority level, and even desirable contract type. In such a way a person sees independently how attractive the profile is or which skills she or he should extra learn. It is called the principle of the self-government and self-responsibility: the employees must be interested in extra-learning and self-improvement, especially when there is a wide range of learning channels nowadays. In the end, the goal of HR is to make people independent and motivated, not to categorize them.

A lot of relevant questions were asked and were being answered during the Getaway. We discussed such issues as ethical & software sides in the HR tools, motivation & incentives of employers to invest in workforce further education, future needed people & skills in a certain company. Besides, we tried to define the minimum of data needed for HR investigation, reasons making people leave a company, as well as to predict the number of lacking skilled workforce and the time a certain company will need the most employees.

Could you ever imagine that your current job won’t exist in 20 years? Or that the average time people spend in one job is less than 4 years? Are you scared, excited, or curious? Well, every transformation hurts. But, at least, you don’t have to be scared – we know, what you need to do. The world is dealing not merely with automation, it deals with digitalization. Look around – people are served by machines, companies are dependent on the data, workforce is forced to gain new future-oriented skills. That means, if you want to be in the middle of it, you need to CHANGE.