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4 key insights how HRForecast is going through it.

There is no “good old work” with framed family photos, toolbox with own calculator, and fixed pause from 12:20 till 13:00, not anymore. The world of work has undergone fundamental structural changes for several years. #NewWork is the epitome of this transformation. However, the triggers for this development are manifold. Digitization, connectivity, globalization and demographic change are, among other things, the causes of the changing world of work.

Flexibility both in working hours and places, autonomy of actions, participation in the project- and teamwork, collective community spirit, and possibility to bring your own personality to work — for HRForecast it has been a reality and basic of work for a long time. To be more precise, from the very beginning. Keep reading about what are 4 key insights of #NewWork and experience the New Work concepts together with HRForecast.

1. Who?

New Work calls on a Knowledge Worker — an employee who is continuously eager to learn and develop his set of skills. The Knowledge Worker must combine both — creative thinking, but also innovative, and non-routine problem-solving vision. Knowledge is not a given or innate quality; knowledge must be acquired. This is where the concept of the Learning Worker comes into play: the workplace of the future must focus on training and enable continuous learning through new technologies or training facilities.

Ahsan Shahid
Strategy Consultant

“I did a lot of up-skilling and am currently doing it again. I should be a driver of my personal development and should take the opportunity around me to upskill myself. It is necessary for me because it gives me edge in job market and in upcoming challenges.

How do I see it is required? I look at my future job role and target the skills which are required. For example, when I picked up the role of Analyst, I saw one language and one visualization tool are needed. So, I completed Power BI, Tableau, and other database topics like Kibana, etc. Currently, I am targeting three skills: Python, Machine learning, and German.

I choose the most convenient way of learning on my own. So, it can be either expert guidance, or online free resources as YouTube and Coursera, or fee-based resource as Udemy, Datacamp, etc. I manage it while traveling to work — it takes max. 15 minutes in the morning, but sometimes it takes a whole weekend instead of partying. One should always make the right choice.”

2. Where?

Giving the fact that an average person spends approximately 13 years of life at work, one can readily agree to the relevance of daily work attitude. That’s what we do — we are not limited to some prescribed rules, but open for crowdworking. Our diverse team of over 30 specialists is used to work flexibly but efficiently via Freelance, Share Desk or Coworking. Furthermore, we are familiar with Fluid & Virtual Teams, what enables to come into contact with the various specialists from across the globe. Our 3 offices are in Bremen, Munich, and Kyiv, thus the communication with each other through digital media is a common thing.

Hanna Likhtman
Software Development

“The whole April I spent in Bali, successfully combining vacation with work. Having visited the greatest regions, I stayed in Bukit, preferring its most beautiful beaches and biggest waves to other attractions, such as the most diverse food in Jimbaran, the loudest parties in Kuta, and the most artistic people in Ubud. By the way, while living in Bali you start to like spicy food, whether you want it or not. Firstly, in order of disinfection, and secondly, whereas it’s so hot inside, it’s not that hot outside : )

I learned to respect the Balinese traditions and praying three times per day; even a taxi driver has its own altar with all the frankincense. But what I refuse to accept is a terrifying uncontrolled traffic and a constant mess.

About working from there, I liked the six-hour difference indeed! When I’ve woken up there, Germany has just fallen asleep. I enjoyed my time and afterward got back to work. Unlike office breaks, I swam or mediated, what was definitely better than coffee or cigarette. If I felt hungry, I could just pick a dragon fruit from the tree above my head. Now I am happy to say, that very soon I come back to Bali to spent  the whole autumn-winter period there and experience this wonderful time again!”

3. When?

We all are living in the real world where there is not solely black or white. That is why Work-Life-Integration is a crucial component for every employee. HRForecast gives its team a wide range of working times — either Trusted Flexitime or Home-Office, as well as 6-Hour-Day or Four-Day week. All that matters for our corporate identity is how an employee gets involved and what he or she delivers in the end. We give all the freedom to accommodate creativity and the best performance among our colleagues.

HRForecast places a great value on its employees with children. One of the CEOs and Founders, Florian Fleischmann, became a father last year and had to learn it quickly how to combine and maintain the balance between private and working spheres, e.g. working from home or travel for business with the child.

Iryna Chorna
Strategy Consultant

I prefer working early in the morning from 6 a.m. My productivity is at its peak and I can contribute in the best way. Otherwise, I can’t concentrate and seem to be less creative, as was the case in the previous agency. A useless sitting in the office from 9 to 18 even when there is nothing to do, like on Fridays, was very boring and demotivating.  Thanks to HRForecast now I am assured in my flexibility and, what is more, self-responsibility. Once I can work on weekends, on holidays, and then, when the weather is good, take a day-off.”

4. How?

The way in which New Work functions is called Agility. This is about Design Thinking to solve the problems and develop new ideas; Holacracy and Networking to increase employees’ responsibility for their actions; Co-Creation to make companies & customers or companies & employees cooperate and develop a common good (a great example of such co-creation became our GetAway).

HRForecast doesn’t adhere to hierarchies and is not chasing after some fancy job titles. Instead of that, we count on competences, appreciate readiness to learn, good attitude, pro-activity and enjoying what we are doing. There are short-term goals, lots of feedback, small teams and simple decision-making.  The New Work approach is challenging, but it offers many opportunities for those who want to make work agile, efficient and independent.

Stop starting – start finishing!

And let’s reap the benefits

of New Work together !

Giorgi Liklikadze
Senior HR Consultant and Project Lead

“After one month of remote working from Georgia, I pointed out Pro & Contra of such working mood, because it’s not that easy. At first, the ordinary time difference between countries requires the adaptation to a new working mood. Then, compared to the office environment, it usually takes more effort to concentrate on work from home. The environment is different, and furthermore, there are many distractions, so you must be really self-governed and motivated.

The advantages of working from home are being close to your family and friends and taking all your work responsibilities from there. Once you are done with your working day,  you have evenings for your friends and family and that makes you happy. Especially when you are living abroad. Before my holidays I always take one week of home office as well, to expand my time back home.”

Ashish Rai
Data Scientist

“Coming from Mauritius and working in Germany, it is clear that one of the most attractive factors working at HRForecast is the freedom and ability to work remotely.  I recently went to Mauritius where I worked remotely for 3 weeks.  It was important to me since it was my dad’s 60th birthday and I simply wanted to spend some quality time with my family. Plus, I was missing the local food!

Since we have offices worldwide, I was already used to communicate to my co-workers by using online platforms. Thus, it didn’t affect my overall work productivity. 

While it was very nice working on my tasks on the beach and enjoying the sun, I did miss the fun activities with my colleagues like playing some board games or grabbing a drink at the Schlachte after work, or even the simple lunch breaks we all take together.  After coming back from Mauritius, I felt relaxed and even more motivated to work knowing that if I ever felt homesick, Florian and Chris would understand if I wanted to be with my family for some time.”