With more than 112.000 employees worldwide, BASF
provides chemical products for all areas of life. HRForecast
supported BASF to implement a global strategic workforce
planning approach.

BASF: Custom-fit HR instruments with Big Data Analytics

With more than 112.000 employees worldwide, BASF provides chemical products for all areas of life. HRForecast supported BASF to prepare the HR management for new requirements, that emerge from the aspired vertical connection of business and workforce strategy, processes and instruments. With these adjustments, BASF will sustainably ensure the market-leading position and enable the HR management to be able to react to changing market- or environmental conditions in a flexible and accurate way.

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Florian Fleischmann
Managing Director HRForecast

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As a globally active organization, the strategic planning of BASF traditionally includes all eventualities that can have an impact on the company’s market position. In collaboration with HRForecast, suitable instruments, to enable the BASF’s HR management to flexibly and appropriately react to any challenges that arise from demographic change, skills shortage and the resulting increased war for talents, should be created. For example:

  • Long-term assurance of talent recruiting and -development
  • Preservation of workforce performance
  • Conservation of available internal knowledge and increased future use
  • Sustainable improvement of performance in the organization

After primarily using the own data stock for strategic workforce planning, the inclusion of external information via Big Data Analytics should result in a more comprehensive view and advanced insights for BASF.

HRForecast – Solution approach

HRForecast – in cooperation with the IT Solutions sector of BASF – identified the relevant key themes that, with respect to strategic workforce planning, will be in the future focus. (Talent management, health management, demographic management, knowledge management and performance management). By using HRForecast’s Big Data Tools, internal business data and relevant external information were connected to clarify the conditions of individual key themes. The scenario planning, adapted to specific requirements of BASF, provided concrete workforce measures emerged from accurate insights. For example:

  • Identification of risks caused by attrition of talents
  • Target-oriented health promotion on employee basis
  • Connection of individual qualifications and competencies with requirements of the business model
  • Flexible adjustment of the recruiting practice to changing environmental conditions

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