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Behind the Scenes: HRForecast Team

„Let’s do it!“ – that’s probably one of the most common phrases that we hear in our HRForecast offices in Bremen and Munich daily. People working at HRForecast are used to face challenges and steep into new tasks and projects. But who are all these great minds doing this fantastic job?! HRForecast team is growing fast and we’d like to give you an update on who we are. Read more

School Day at HRForecast

Last week the HRForecast office in Bremen received young school visitors: two 5th graders girls were eager to know more about data science business. The HRForecast team was more than happy to share its knowledge with the young motivated guests. Talking to the girls, we realized, that children are already familiar with such topics as […]

Top 5 Takeaways from DGFP 2018

Last week Christian Vetter participated in the DGFP congress ‘phase 1’ in Berlin. Besides meeting new interesting community members, exchanging  innovative ideas and listening to exciting speakers, Christian also organized a deep-dive session dedicated to the ‘engine’ of future HR – people analytics. Here is his summary of the event.

Study “Stellenforecast Sicherheitswirtschaft” in cooperation with NBS Northern Business School

In cooperation with the NBS Northern Business School HRForecast carried out the study “Stellenforecast Sicherheitswirtschaft” about Job advertisements and personnel requirements in the security industry. Together with Prof. Dr. André Röhl, head of the study course “Security Management” we analysed how the increasing demand in security and the global shift in risk persception will effect the personnel structure in the security management business. The results were published and discussed on the 28th February on the NBS-Sicherheitsforum, and can be read online.



“Big Data Analytics” in Controller Institut

Florian Fleischmann discussed about how Big Data Analytic can enrich your business strategy by giving precise insights into internal as well as macroeconomic structures and trends. “Through connections between data from different sources Big Data opens up completely new dimensions of strategic personnel and business planning” In this article in the “Controller Institut”s blog from 21. März 2018 he explains how this possibilities can be used: (German)

19.06.2018 | HR-Controlling-Forum 2018

On the 19.06.2018 Florian Fleischmann and Susanne Auer (Deutsche Lufthansa AG) are going to hold a speech about “Big Data in HR: The basis for transformation and work 4.0” at the HR-Controlling-Forum 2018 in Vienna. Thematic focus is on the development of a global development network, connected data and intelligent analytical methods, unveiling hidden information and alignment of business targets and skill landscape.


HRForecast – National Winner for innovation in Germany at the European Business Award 2017 / 2018

HRForecast was named one of 11 National Winners from 180 businesses representing the Ones to Watch in Germany at an exclusive event held at the British Ambassador’s residence in Berlin for The European Business Awards, Europe’s largest business competition, sponsored by RSM.


HRForecast was chosen by a panel of independent judges including senior business leaders, politicians and academics as the best in their country in the Awards’ category of Innovation, and they will now go on to represent their country in this category in the final stage of the competition.


Gregor Schmidt, Chief Markets Officer said: “We work with our clients to support their growth ambitions, at home and abroad. The exceptional German business leaders that we celebrated last night have demonstrated strength and commercial excellence in their field, backed by entrepreneurialism and innovation. As a champion of middle market businesses, we are proud to partner with the European Business Awards and we wish the German National Winners continued success and the best of luck in the final stage.”


The National Winners from each country will face further judging in their chosen category, and the final Category Winners will be announced at the European Business Awards Gala Final in Warsaw, Poland in May 2018.


Separately HRForecast is also competing in a public vote to be named ‘European Public Champion’ at the Gala Final. Last year the public vote generated almost 250,000 votes. To view our video and vote for us, go to:

HRForecast @ NBS Sicherheitsforum 2018

On the 28th of February 2018, HRForecast will speak about “data based job profile analysis for employees in the security industry” at the NBS Sicherheitsforum in Hamburg. This forum gives entrepreneurs in this sector the chance to listen to various speeches and exchange experiences with industry experts.


European Business Award 2017/2018

HRForecast featured in European Business Awards “Ones to Watch” list

HRForecast has been named as ‘One to Watch’ in Europe in a list of business excellence published by the European Business Awards sponsored by RSM.

We were chosen in the “Award for Innovation” category due to our company’s success, ethics and innovation.

The ‘Ones to Watch’ for several countries across Europe can be found at

Adrian Tripp, CEO of the European Business Awards, Europe’s largest cross-sector business competition, said: “We wanted to recognise more widely the many incredible business success stories from across Europe.”

He continued: “The talent, dedication and innovation at the heart of these companies creates jobs and opportunity, and is what drives their country’s prosperity. The ‘Ones to Watch’ lists will set a benchmark of success for the European business community.”

Jean Stephens, CEO of RSM, the sixth largest global network of independent audit, tax and consulting firms, and long-term sponsors of the Awards, said: “To be listed as a ‘Ones to Watch’ is a real accolade. At RSM, we work with companies across Europe and beyond, advising them on all areas of their business and we are passionate about encouraging success and prosperity. We wish these dynamic companies every success in the future.”

HRForecast will now have the chance to compete in the “Award for Innovation” category of the European Business Awards to become a National Winner in Germany. If successful, we will then take part in the grand final in May 2018, where the final 12 European winners will be announced.


For more information about the competition please go to

HRForecast @ IHK Zukunftskonferenz

On the 06.02.2018, Florian Fleischmann will speak about Big Data as the gold of the future at the IHK Zukunftskonferenz. This talk will demonstrate the new possibilities Big data holds for HR on the basis of specific examples – e.g. as the foundation for digital transformation and work 4.0.

IHK Zukunftskonferenz | Xing event