HRForecast uses A.I.-driven technologies to identify
knowledge and skills in your company and make
this information visible in a transparent way.

Unveil the hidden potential

With our big data technology it is possible to unveil the (hidden) potential in your organisation. From a very large, even partially unstructured, amount of data, such methods allow a company to:

  • gain important information on skills and qualification profiles of employees,
  • adopt effective measures on the basis of these insights and
  • foster an optimal alignment of the workforce structure with the requirements of the business model.

Big data, especially in the HR area, shows that, with the right technology, staff can be planned for and controlled, laying the foundations for an agile organisation.

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HRForecast knows that although there is a lot of HR data available, it is often stored in different systems, and a significant proportion of this data is unstructured. The screening of the structured and unstructured data sources makes it possible to select and extract the raw data in a goal-oriented manner.

Through the usage of artificial intelligence, HRForecast aims to identify the relevant information on the quantitative and qualitative personnel structure and makes this information available in a transparent way.

By analysis available data it is possible to:

  • gain an overview of the employees’ entire qualifications profile
  • see how knowledge is evolving in your organisation and
  • check if your instruments (recruiting, development) perform well

Strategic trends <> workforce trends

In order to support an evolving corporate strategy, HR managers not only need to know the skills of existing employees but also which skills are needed in the future. The goal of skill analytics is to provide a valid base for “Best Fit” –  to achieve the best match between open positions and qualified employees. Skill Management is the basis for:

  • Building agile organisation & definition of future skill profiles
  • Internal labour markets & recruiting analysis
  • Trend search


The benefits of the HRForecast’s approach and methodology are:

  • we provide a skill database with 10+ million skills
  • results can be obtained within 8-10 weeks
  • detailed planning and control on skill and employee level is possible as well as high-level analysis for strategic decisions
  • the methodology forms the basis for making data-driven decisions in all employee areas, from recruiting to development to succession planning

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