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About us.

HRForecast is a Germany-based HR tech startup that answers today’s and tomorrow’s questions of HR managers by utilizing the power of data. The idea of HRForecast was born, when the two to-be-founders of HRForecast, while still working in a large company heard about the release of 2.000 employees. An interest for a better, more sustainable HR management, where nobody is left behind, was born. Today our customers can benefit from intelligently connected data and gain an individual, strategic competitive advantage from it.

The solutions we provide, help our clients to better understand the workforce, its development needs and upskilling potential, to provide a win-win situation for both, employer and employee. This is done with our self-developed Big Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Our portfolio includes solutions ranging from strategic skill management, labor market analytics to data-driven employee services. We deliver better, faster and more comprehensive HR solutions compared to traditional methods. Our solutions range from stand-alone software solutions (SaaS), integrated data intelligence (Data-as-a-service) to consulting (Analytics-as-a-service).

We are based in Munich and Bremen (Germany), with an additional office in Kyiv (Ukraine). We are over 30 employees from 20 different countries who work hand in hand to achieve a common goal: smart work for a better world.

Armed to the teeth with technology, we are diving deeper into the world of traditional HR, showing that things can be done smarter. From tearing down slow processes to given HR the power to be seen as a strategic partner, we are the disruption that is needed.

Let’s get things done.

Our mission is
to help companies bridge business strategy and workforce requirements to build long-lasting and trustful relationships.
Our vision is
to create organisations, where people can develop themselves and work in the most productive way fulfilling their potential.

“Education costs money. But then so does ignorance.”

Being socially responsible and sustainable is a common trend today. We prefer acting instead of just talking and concentrated ourselves on what we especially value and where we can effectively contribute: knowledge sharing. We see education as a sustainable way of development for individuals, societies and countries. In numerous projects and data analyses we generated valuable insights on how the labor market is changing. As we wanted to share our knowledge, we have created a powerful, free for everyone, platform ‘Future Insights’ which provides fact-based orientation to support transformation across all industries. ‘Future Insights’ is one of our attempts to make the world smarter.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

However, ‘Future Insights’ might not be helpful, if you don’t know how to read, don’t have a computer, can’t send your children to school or just don’t have access to a fresh water or don’t have enough food. We found another way for us how can we support the projects we believe in. Kiva.org is a wonderful initiative we are participating in. It’s a non-profit organization that allows people to lend micro-credit to low-income entrepreneurs and students in over 80 countries. Each month our teams chose together a project we would like to support.

Want changes? Make them. Every small step counts.

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