HRForecast supported to identify efficiency potential
in order to improve profitability and implement an
integrated approach for strategic resource planning.

Strategic workforce planning in a digital future

One of the leading professional service firms in the areas of auditing, tax assurance and business consulting in Germany is undergoing constant changes brought by the digitalization. HRForecast supported them to develop a workable approach for a strategic resource planning process in a digital environment. The target: apply big data analytics to enable predictions, which competencies will be needed for the consultation of clients and how recruiting and talent management strategies must be adapted to ensure sustainable competitiveness.

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The challenge: Harmonization of resource and financial planning

Until now, the resource planning is strongly based on traditional workforce planning methods as well as experiences, which the management of the company has gained over the course of the last decades. However, the rapidly progressing digitalization of markets and business processes, the demographic change and altering requirements on the qualifications of employees are gaining more and more importance. To improve the resource planning accuracy, holistic, strategic resource planning tools using modern big data analytics have to be applied.

The focus of the workforce planning process is the possibility to precisely predict, how variable workforce structures impact the financial KPIs of the company – such as the impact of an increasing utilization rate on the profit margins.


HRForecast – solution approach and results


The basis of the project was comprised of a comprehensive and consolidated data cube, including all the relevant information from business planning, HR and finance. Together, a unique approach was developed, enabling the client to shape the future target workforce structure and capacity demands. By benchmarking various company areas, important insights were gained and interdependencies between different business models and workforce structures were uncovered. Supported by the big data tools from HRForecast, flexible future business scenarios focussing on utiliziation and competency gaps, were integrated into the workforce planning process. This enables them to proactively identify the impact of potential workforce changes on the business’ success. With the solution approach of HRForecast, they were able to:

  • align recruiting and promotion targets in hand with the business plan
  • harmonize workforce and financial planning
  • include external factors (demographics, market developments) into the talent-management and recruiting startegies
  • detect staffing bottlenecks or overcapacities in a fast and precise way
  • identify potentials to improve the flexibility of the workforce in order to adapt to changing future market conditions
  • develop new competency profiles (e.g. favouring technical and IT-skills compared to business skills).

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