Last week Christian Vetter participated in the DGFP congress ‚phase 1‘ in Berlin. Besides meeting new interesting community members, exchanging  innovative ideas and listening to exciting speakers, Christian also organized a deep-dive session dedicated to the ‚engine‘ of future HR – people analytics. Here is his summary of the event.

Top 5 Takeaways from DGFP Congress 2018

Last week DGFP invited its members to ‘Phase 1’ of the HR-mission to Mars during its two-day congress #dgfpc2018. The event was very dynamic and full of new impulses: the guest speakers and the participants of the congress made a profound contribution to the topic of “Navigating the Future of HR”. Below is my summary of the top 5 takeaways from my HR journey to Mars.

  1. The Mars is still far away

The role of HR must change – the awareness of this need has been clearly established. However, this change requires time, willingness and many steps to be taken. HR can not be transformed from one day to another: it’s a complex process, which involves many parties to be considered. But it is clear that the time to start is overdue!

  1. HR must get in the driver seat!

Just do it! – the motto of an inspiring speech of Ariane Reinhart and Norbert Janzen was a great opening of the congress to this topic. The key message: HR must get into the driver seat and start its long journey. It’s important not only to talk about the transformation, but to act and to implement, not just at ground control.

  1. People Analytics as a spaceship

People Analytics is a key element to move HR to outer space. The future of HR will be data-driven through people analytics and artificial intelligence. It is time that HR gets prepared for this change to avoid being overtaken by others.

  1. Innovation is triggered from outside insights

Innovative ideas need new approaches and surroundings – that can be triggered even by to-be astronauts. That’s why it is important for HR to be more connected within and beyond the company. Well-connected HR can push the innovations forward in a faster and more efficient way.

  1. DGFP is also transforming

The congress organized by DGFP was something special this year. The locations were wisely chosen and and a good match for the motto. The first day we spent right next to re:publica, being able to  immerse ourselves in a more unfamiliar world of digitization, society and digital culture. The second day took place at the Zeiss-Planetarium: a perfect match to our Mars journey. All in all, DGFP was able to create a very inspiring atmosphere. Thanks a lot for hosting!

These two days were full of great workshops, inspirational speeches and possibilities to connect and to share the ideas about the future of HR.  Now, let’s start our journey to Mars and contribute to the change!