The challenge of digitalization

Digitalization is all around us – but how can you build up your digital DNA which suits your company’s needs? To drive digitalization, you need to transform in a state of continuous change. The business models and organizational processes need to be in in-sync to reflect the new reality of the industry in which you are operating.


of employees lack technical expertise 

(Deloitte CFO Survey 2018) 

Technology/IT (57%)

is the area with the highest impact suffering from skill shortage

(Deloitte CFO Survey 2018)


of the companies relate skills shortage missed growth opportunities 

(Deloitte CFO Survey 2018)


of CFOs identify the skills shortage as a major threat for the company in 2018 (+15%-points vs. 2017)

 (Deloitte CFO Survey 2018)

Our products
and services


Experience the future of HR with the smartGlass virtual reality environment.


Discover and connect the future knowledge in your company, develop your employees and build an agile workforce.

HR Data Strategy

Valuable insights are hidden within your data landscape. We shape your HR data strategy in order to use data as a competitive advantage.

Future Job Profiles

We analyse millions of job postings, patent data, statistics and other sources to help you define the necessary job profiles and skills of tomorrow.

Strategic Skill Management

We use artificial intelligence algorithms to reveal the untapped skills of the workforce and align it with the company strategy.

Strategic Workforce Planing

The right people at the right time and in the right job. We offer data-driven workforce planning as a either an App or a managed service – it’s your choice!

Your journey to build a digital DNA.

Digitalization means rethinking of the whole operating model, the organizational structures as well as the workforce management approach (leadership, culture, talent management, etc.). HRForecast supports you on this journey and ensures that you:

  1. make the skills and capabilities of your whole organization transparent and plannable
  2. translate your business strategy and market environment into clear skillset requirements
  3. define tailored transformation measures to bridge the gap.

Getting your digital transformation on track.

Digital transformation itself  drives a much broader need for transformation within a company. The existing job structures and profiles must be rethought with regard to their future-fit. Our analytics solutions offer insights how technology and trends impact the labor market and propose measures to close the skill gaps.

Leverage your data to tackle transformation – we show you how!

Our success.

Digitalize with us.

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Director Business Development
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