Operational structures and processes have to include the
individual skills of employees – not vice versa. Big Data
Analytics quickly reveals potential demands at an early stage.


Satisfaction and good health build the basis for performance. Companies that overstrain their employees or misuse available competencies, risk ever-increasing sick notes, growing workforce fluctuation and eventually the loss of competitive advantages. If, on the other hand, available qualifications – as well as competency gaps -, special personal qualities or insights from diversity management are included in project- or task-specific HR planning, sustainable high performance of your workforce is guaranteed.

By connecting and analyzing relevant internal business data with information of external sources the instruments of HRForecast early and accurately identify if and what factors endanger the performance of your workforce or individual areas thereof. Big Data Analytics provides the required knowledge for the usage of tailor-made HR solutions, to prevent dissatisfaction and avoidable illness.

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Managing Director HRForecast

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To avoid misunderstandings: HRForecast is neither developing smartphone connected apps to continuously record vital data, nor providing the training devices for your internal fitness center. What Employability means for us, is to proactively identify all necessary environmental conditions and realize a sustainable high performance within your workforce and HR strategy. We do not apply Big Data Analytics to detect which employee may tend to diabetes or should lose weight in order to prevent heart and circulatory problems. Rather, we identify if and to what extent individual skills of your workforce are included in organizational structures and processes – or have to be adapted accordingly.


To ensure permanent employability, various factors – individually adapted for every business – are analyzed by our comprehensive instruments, like:

  • Length of employment
  • Education and qualification
  • Relevant diversity characteristics
  • Career path and potentials
  • Competitive situation of your business
  • Predictable HR measures / restructuring
  • Market development
  • External labour market demand

… and much more.

As a result we provide specific courses of action, which HR instruments emerge as best opportunity to increase individual performance – and provide a sustainable satisfaction and good health.


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