Put the complete HR Management in your pocket: The
apps provided by HRForecast enable you to stay on track.


Developing new markets and target groups, determining resources or querying qualifications: HR relevant question often emerge spontaneously, in a conversation with customers and partners, at an exhibition booth or at an exploratory trip abroad. By using the app of HRForecast, you’ve got the right answers prepared – anytime, anywhere: Determine if a possible major contract can be executed on schedule, find out what additional workforce resources and competencies will be required – and if the labour market holds the appropriate candidates. Last but not least the HRApp, as a uniform communication platform, ensures the automated synchronization of individual mobile devices with the entire system, providing the same topicality for every user.

Thanks to our HRApp you are able to adapt HR scenarios to changing environmental conditions, identify possible critical bottlenecks and financial impacts, whenever your workforce planning has to be updated. No matter where you are: The HRApp stays up to date, whenever, wherever.

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Whether for medium sized enterprises or globally acting corporations: Our digital instruments for a strategic workforce planning provide their performance to its full extent on mobile devices, without having to build a complex computer center. HRForecast’s HRApp provides immediate clarity in various situations:

  • Are there sufficient workforce capacities if a contract has to be completed faster? If not present: Where and when can additional capacities be created?
  • Does the company provide the appropriate workforce to meet the requirements for “exotic” order enquiries? If not present: What are the costs to build up the required know-how?
  • How does the change of regulatory environmental conditions impact your workforce planning? (Legal requirements for night- or shift work, reorganization of periods of study and training etc.)

If unexpected key problems arise: Our HRApp can be individually adapted to virtually any kind of challenge.




Conference calls or weekly meetings of regional HR managers: The HRApp doesn’t replace meetings, but tremendously facilitates internal coordination- and decision-making:

  • Direct discussion of reports and analyses of those involved via HRApp – similar to a chat-program.
  • On the fly comparison of recruiting and promotion requests with your target figures, to ensure and accelerate decision-making.
  • Continuous update of relevant external information – for example macroeconomic data – via HRForecast’s data base.

To ensure appropriate data protection on the sensitive area of HR management, the access to all deposited data can be individually limited by determination of specific roles.

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HR planning up-to-date – anytime, anywhere

With HRForecast you’ve got your complete workforce planning in your pocket: Mobile tools ensure that you can adjust every scenario according to new insights and changing environmental conditions – wherever, whenever.