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Experiences, insights and predictions are the basis of every strategic HR planning. Especially insights are nowadays subject to a rapid change, so derived predictions can change anytime. That’s where scenario planning with the HRThinkbox comes into play: Insights in the shape of influence factors can be varied to almost any limit, statistical probability calculations clarify the respective impacts – and clearly indicate how HR can be best prepared for future developments.

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The calculation of scenarios on basis of all business- and workforce development relevant data forms the core of the HRThinkbox. The view to the future is achieved by the HRThinkbox through three steps:

  • Determination of parameters (determination of influencing variables / descriptors on development of relevant marktes, behaviour of competitors, new technologies or changes on the labour market, etc.)
  • Definition of scenarios (combination of influencing variables and possibility calculation of potential developments)
  • Demand of change analysis (derivation of necessary personal structures and -demands, as well as workforce flexibility requirements, scenario simulation and definition of required HR instruments)

The HRThinkbox provides proactive HR management, far beyond the possibilities of traditional HR instruments. It enables you to change every parameter until the result is meeting your desired criteria.


Strategic workforce planning approximates to the vision of a glass sphere: The possibilities are endless, but due to various factors impacting developments, results may be substantially different. The HRThinkbox is much more reliable.

Instead of just demonstrating possibilities, the results are based on analysis of reliable information. The HRThinkbox examines the previous development of workforce structures, connects relevant parameters for business development with available workforce competencies and clearly reveals needs for action. By using breakthrough Big Data Technologies the HRThinkbox presents transparent Scenarios and provides a clear view into the future.

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With HRForecast you’ve got your complete workforce planning in your pocket: Mobile tools ensure that you can adjust every scenario according to new insights and changing environmental conditions – wherever, whenever.