Being the biggest agriculture technology distributor in
europe, Kramp provides spare parts supply for numerous
industries. HRForecast supported Kramp to transform the
workforce into the digital age.


Launched as a one-man-business 60 years ago, the supply range of Kramp, with its headquarters in the Netherlands, includes around 450.000 spare parts and components for the areas of agricultural technology, garden and forest, construction machines and OEM brand manufacturers. Kramp is represented with establishments in 28 countries and is appreciated as a strategic partner, ensuring the logistic connection between manufacturers and customers with around 2600 employees. Permanent high qualifications of employees, continuous growth and sustainable performance are among the most important elements of Kramp’s entrepreneurial approach.

HRForecast supported Kramp to adapt the strategic workforce planning to changing environmental conditions of the digital age and align it with the company’s digital DNA.

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Agricultural businesses, forestry and horticulture traditionally are among the most important customers of Kramp. That’s why most of the company’s establishments are located in rural areas, whilst potential talents like to work in metropolitan areas and the availability is decreasing in regional labour markets. At the same time the portfolio of Kramp is constantly extended and by now includes technical services and business solutions next to traditional logistic services – including continuously increasing demands on employee qualifications.

To sustainably ensure the company’s growth objectives, possible competency gaps have to be identified in good time and countered with appropriate HR instruments. The digitalization of workforce planning and the business model were unable to keep up with the rapid transformation process of the supply chain – what should be changed with the use of advanced Big Data Analysis tools.




While the digital supply chains isn’t lacking any data or tools for evaluation, Kramp didn’t have the experience to use Big Data Analysis for strategic workforce planning. To begin with, Kramp and HRForecast defined business relevant competencies of employees, created job families and also included the factor of employment with a company. By connecting workforce-, finance- and business planning with external data of demographic development and future talent resources, a custom-fit environment for scenario planning across all levels of function was created. Now the HR management of Kramp is able to:

  • ascertain concrete predictions on the net labour supply needs on functional level.
  • take early precautions for workforce dynamisation if uncertainties in business planning emerge.
  • estimate external labour market risks.
  • determine functions and requirement profiles at the level of middle-management employees more precisely.
  • define age- or functional groups and create tailor-made instruments for talent management.
  • accurately forecast future workforce costs that emerge in volatile environments and the digitalization.

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