Big Data Analytics provides clear vision, in-depth insights
and reduces the costs across all periods of mergers and


Overcapacities and synergy effects, compensations and restructuring costs: There is a variety of established HR instruments for mergers and acquisitions that enable the determination of costs and creation of new organization. Those common methods only take in account the superficial layer most of the time – for example the available continuous budgeting and workforce planning, predictions on future development of relevant markets and a basic comparison between order situation an production capacities. The rude awakening usually comes a few years later: Once non demanded competencies are suddenly essential, but there’s a lack of appropriate talents. Or a decommissioned location has to be rebuilt due to wrong predicted situations on the market – the local labour market however is not able to meet the emerging demands.

Supported by Big Data Analysis we are able to identify future workforce demands and hidden risks more precisely and at an earlier stage than with traditional M&A methods or due diligence.

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Our Big Data tools provide support for every M&A process (Pre-merger, post-merger, portfolio management) and a more accurate decision basis, due to connection and analysis of available business data with external information, than conventional HR instruments.

Pre-merger period:

  • Identification of overcapacities and structural lacks of efficiency
  • Employability rating of your workforce aligned with your planned business development
  • Cost calculation of vital restructuring (short- or long-term)
  • Due diligence of your workforce

Post-merger period:

  • Identification of synergy effects of employees and roles with key functions
  • Evaluation of restructuring costs
  • Optimization of synergy effects
  • Assurance of competencies and structural performance

Portfolio management:

  • Competency alignment of employees with future demands
  • Evaluation of impact on the company (necessary growth to compensate the M&A costs, increase in workforce costs etc.)
  • Early identification of necessary investments and divestments or changed environments


HRForecast’s Big Data tools enable you to calculate HR costs and risks of M&A processes more accurate than ever before. We provide the required knowledge for data modeling and scenario planning so you can comprehensively estimate the impact of mergers, acquisitions and divestments in various environments – wether it’s about superior business structures or individual employees and functions. Our holistic M&A services include areas that are not considered by traditional approaches. For example:

  • Knowledge management
  • Talent management
  • Demographic management
  • Diversity management
  • Health management

… and much more. The more diverse the perspective you consider M&A, the larger the knowledge of possible consequences with associated processes. Knowledge that supports reducing the costs.

You want to experience how Big Data Analytics and innovative tools create a sustainable and competitive advantage out of your data? Schedule a demo here.