Study “Stellenforecast Sicherheitswirtschaft” in cooperation with NBS Northern Business School

In cooperation with the NBS Northern Business School HRForecast carried out the study “Stellenforecast Sicherheitswirtschaft” about Job advertisements and personnel requirements in the security industry. Together with Prof. Dr. André Röhl, head of the study course “Security Management” we analysed how the increasing demand in security and the global shift in risk persception will effect the personnel structure in the […]

“Big Data Analytics” in Controller Institut

Florian Fleischmann discussed about how Big Data Analytic can enrich your business strategy by giving precise insights into internal as well as macroeconomic structures and trends. “Through connections between data from different sources Big Data opens up completely new dimensions of strategic personnel and business planning” In this article in the “Controller Institut”s blog from […]

19.06.2018 | HR-Controlling-Forum 2018

On the 19.06.2018 Florian Fleischmann and Susanne Auer (Deutsche Lufthansa AG) are going to hold a speech about “Big Data in HR: The basis for transformation and work 4.0” at the HR-Controlling-Forum 2018 in Vienna. Thematic focus is on the development of a global development network, connected data and intelligent analytical methods, unveiling hidden information and […]