Conventional HR instruments often reach their limits
when it comes to increasing efficiency for existing
structures. Big Data Analytics clear the way.


Fluctuation, promotions, recuitments, transfers, perennial cost pressure: Every business undergoes a permanent process of change. Furthermore, rapid changing environments and advancements in technology require constant restructuring that challenges every HR management.

HRForecast simplifies structural adjustment processses for you. Our comprehensive Big Data Analyses provide precise planning approaches on a long term basis, so you don’t have to start all over again when structural changes have to be made.

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Classically considered, every upcoming restructuring or resource optimization – depending on the given targets – is based on three questions:

  • Which key competencies have to be preserved or extended?
  • How many jobs have to be cut or created?
  • How many employees will leave the company at what time (retirement, attrition, etc.)?

Finding appropriate responses on basis of internal business data is pleasant routine for most HR managements. Although prescribed targets are usually achieved, most of the time knowledge that can lead to better results remains unconsidered with common HR instruments.

For HRForecast, restructuring and resource optimization stand for more than punctual work assignments to HR management. Our versatile instruments provide an extended planning basis and are clearly superior to common methods. They facilitate adjustments, if targets are changed, wether short- or long termed.




By using state-of-the-art Big Data Analysis, HRForecast expands the horizon of structural necessary adjustments in several respects:

  • Improved detection of overcapacities and potentials to increase efficiency
  • Identification of uncertainties in the business model, that may occur in the future
  • New possibilities for a flexible workforce
  • Optimized cost- and risk evaluation
  • Scenario planning in consideration of variable parameters
  • Individual efficiency analyses of functional levels or areas in your organization

The results are accurate and reliable recommendations for necessary workforce measures or adjustments for HR strategy, that provide a flexible operational framework for structural changes – sustainable and future-oriented instead of selective and reactive.

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