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For decades, business decisions regarding talent acquisition, workforce development, and employee retention were based only on experience and intuition. Today’s “age of data” provides new opportunities for HR managers to unlock the power of data and decide based on fact. People analytics is transforming the role of HR in terms of efficiency and value-add.


of all companies want to use big data and analytics by 2022

(Future of jobs report 2018)

Only 32%

of companies, however, feel ready or somewhat ready for analytics 

(Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2016 report)


of companies think they are effectively leveraging external data as part of their people analytics

(Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2016 report)

Our products
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smartInsights provides you with self-service people analytics dashboards for faster and better decision-making.

Location Decision

Our global data pool provides crucial data insights making the decision process on company locations transparent, fact-based and reliable.

Future Job Profiles

We analyse millions of job postings, patent data, statistics and other sources to help you define the necessary job profiles and skills of tomorrow.

Retention & Attrition Analytics

We identify the root causes of attrition by utilising big data and advanced analytics, thus enabling us to develop the prevention measures.

HR Data Strategy

Within your data landscape, high value insights are hidden. We shape your HR data strategy to make your data a competitive advantage.

Labor Market Analytics

By analyzing millions of macro-economic data sources we answer your labor-market-related questions.

Workforce Risk Analytics

We use your data to create predictive models for risk prevention.

Demography Management

A major demographic shift transforms companies. Acting in time will not only minimize the risks but will also allow you to gain an important advantage over your competitors.

Three steps to better business outcomes.

/1 Discover the value of your data

Data quality? Data silos? Unstructured data? People analytics needs a soild basis – good data. Big Data technologies give you fast access to all your internal data and connects it with outside insights derived from multiple macro-economic sources. Machine-learning algorithms ensure that data quality is improved and that even unstructured data-sources like Excel files, pdf documents, etc. can be a part of your knowledge base. What can you do? Simply get started.

/2 Explore business cases

HR data strategy, recruiting optimization, individual learning journeys, attrition root-cause analysis… There are millions of people analytics cases. Applying people analytics means rethinking all of your existing processes to make HR more efficient and a trusted value-driver of the business.

/3 Provide insights to the business

Every data has its story. What is yours? Visualization technologies support you to discover insights, derive measures and communicate them across your business. The data party is on! Do you want to be at the heart of it?

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