Big Data for best fit



Revenue 2018:

€44 billion



Received service/product:

Strategic skill management

Faced challenges

The leading German automotive manufacturing company Continental wanted to find out what its skill structure looks like in order to be better prepared for the business of the future.

The challenge of the project, called “Big Data for Best fit”, was to analyze the current skill structure and to align it optimally and sustainably with the requirements of the Continental business model.

“We conducted our first pilot with HRForecast thinking big data had potential, however we were amazed at the transparency and insights it delivered. Since then we have conducted several projects with HRForecast.”

Dr. Ariane Reinhart, Member of Executive Board, HR

Questions to be clarified

  • Which visible and hidden skills are available and what is their future fit?
  • How can the skills be transferred to support the future business model?
  • Which talent-strategy is required to upskill the organization?

Project approach

/ 1      Data Setup

Using Machine Learning algorithms we consolidated company’s data and identified information to personal structure.  This information built the basis for the further analysis.

/ 2     Approach Development

We developed an approach how to plan the future needed skills on a detailed level and aligned with the quantitative strategic workforce planning.

/ 3     Data Evaluation

We analysed current skill-availability inside the company. In this step future risks and potentials regarding the skill landscape were identified.

/ 4     Scenario Simulation

We simulated the future workforce structure scenarios and skill availability. Afterwards we defined skill transformation requirements to close the gap between the skill supply and future demand.

Key insights & value-adds for the client

Results in a nutshell…

  • Setting up a personnel structure that can adapt dynamically to the volatile business environment
  • Evaluation of key skills availability in the labor market
  • Location choice of the global Software-Hub strategy
  • Appliance of competence data in further analyzes

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