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Future Job Profiles
Labor Market Analytics


Faced challenges

The digitization of all areas of life also affects the skills and knowledge that will be required in the future in the world of work. Even occupations that are classically “analogue” will change with the possibilities of new technologies. For example, an electrician recently also has to deal with the programming of smart homes and a bus driver with new digital payment options. The change is rapidly increasing, so that current IT skills have a half-life of one to two years. Employees are thus constantly exposed to new conditions.

Deutsche Bahn has recognized the importance to be prepared for the challenges of the future. With a help of HRForecast, Deutsche Bahn aimed to answer the question: „How the current job postings of Deutsche Bahn look like and how they should be optimized for the future?”

Questions to be clarified

  • How are job profiles at Deutsche Bahn impacted by trends like digitalization, automation, etc.?
  • How future-oriented are the current job postings of Deutsche Bahn? Which skills will become increasingly important in the future?
  • What skills are the competitors on the labor market looking for in their job postings?
  • In which way does Deutsche Bahn have to adjust its strategy and its recruiting, development and succession planning processes?

Project approach

/ 1   Crawling of data

HRForecast crawls millions of job postings every week from job portals, career websites and social media. From this data lake, Deutsche Bahn chooses the competitors that build a part of the analysis.

/ 2    Skill registration

HRForecast extracts skills from over 100.000 job postings (incl. DB job postings) with Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms. The skills are rated according to future importance and connected with trends relevant for Deutsche Bahn.

/ 3  Provide results and propose measures

HRForecast and Deutsche Bahn jointly interpret the results to identify future-orientation of the current job postings, assess the Deutsche Bahn recruiting strategy in comparison to the market and to define measures to improve the recruiting strategy.

Key insights & value-adds for the client

The client received…

…automated market screening of changes in the job requirements to faster identify new trends and adjust the strategy accordingly.

The client…

…profited from outside insights of competitor strategies, white spots and skill gaps to provide tailor recruiting and development strategies.

…received input to create future-oriented, more attractive job postings.

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