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Labor market analytics

Faced challenges

The telecommunication industry is facing a rapid change driven by new evolving technologies. While data services are the backbone of modern society and new trends, like autonomous driving, global carrier service revenues are declining. Digitalization opens a vast field of new business opportunities, yet new competitors like Amazon and Google need to be challenged. A competitive advantage is an early identication of future trends and upskill the workforce.

Questions to be clarified

  • Does Telekom miss out on any major skills and trends?
  • How can  and early-detection system for growth potentials be established?
  • Which skills with growth potential are key competitors and players seeking?
  • What does the convergence of IT and telecommunications industry mean?
  • How fast and in which direction are key competitors and other market  players driving the transformation?

Project approach

/ 1      Collection of macro-economic data

Worldwide collection of macro-economic data, providing information on the global job demand, trends and patents by using data crawlers.

/ 2     Smart data

Processing of the data, to standardise and enhance the information using A.I. and machine learning algorithms within the HRForecast data lake. E.g. skills are extracted and jobs are standardised based on harmonized job-catalogues.

/ 3     Data analytics

Selection of the relevant companies / industries and visualisation of the data. Algorithms support in detecting insights and future trends relevant to the Telecommunications / IT industry.

/ 4     Insights & recommendations

Based on analysis, risks as well as opportunities were identified to highlight implications for the business, recruiting and talent development strategy.

Key insights & value-adds for the client

The client profited from connected macro-economic data by

  • translating trends into concrete skillset requirements
  • detecting technology white-spots and new skill potentials

Telekom received acumen about competitor strategies, including

  • insights of the competitors’market behavior
  • understanding/ transparency on new competitors from the IT industry

The client was able to provide a data-driven plattform to the business

  • quantifying market developments
  • serving as an early-detection trend radar

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