Diversity & Inclusion

Use the power of human difference

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What is your target?

  • Get the current data about the state of diversity in your company
  • Explore diversity ratios at the department level, and identify areas for improvement
  • Remove the unconscious bias within specific workforce groups
  • Identify how diversity impacts your business performance

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What we do

  • We merge relevant data snapshots, cluster and analyze the factors (e.g. ‘Promotion’, ‘Hiring’, ‘Leavers’)
  • We identify bottnecks and levers to impove using the Internal Development Model (IDM), which predicts factors regarding the talent pipeline
  • We simulate the future workforce diversity models under different scenarios

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What you achieve

  • Proactive diversity management
  • Simulation of future developments within your workforce structure
  • A talent model that fosters an inclusive and diverse workforce

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