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Big Data analytics for optimized long-term workforce planning


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Strategic workforce planning

Faced challenges

Being responsible for the wastewater disposal of a major city makes hanseWasser Bremen GmbH a fundamental part of the public infrastructure. HRForecast supported hanseWasser to gain new insights and to apply innovative methods of data analysis throughout the strategic workforce planning process.

The challenge: the development of long-term and flexible recruiting instruments which ensure that emerging needs in terms of competencies and capacities are covered at all times.

Questions to be clarified

  • What is the future availability of strategic key roles on the labor market and within the existing workforce?
  • How to predict the future workforce demand?
  • Where are the cost saving potentials hidden?
  • How can the sourcing strategy be optimized?

Project approach

/ 1      Initial Situation

The planning process of HanseWasser Bremen GmbH was accompanied by numerous complex challenges. The central concern was the fact that over 40 percent of the currently employed 440 people will leave the company due to retirement by the year 2025.

/ 2     Analysis

All internal company data was linked with external, macro-economic data. Future workforce risks and costs impacts were modelled, predicted and comprehensively portrayed. It was made clear, where future competency gaps are to be expected.

/ 3     Insights & Outcome

We delivered individual simulations and scenarios to model the impact of changing requirements on the workforce structure. This  enabled the client to continuously adapt the strategic workforce plan and always stay in control of its workforce.

/ 4     Resume

Within only a few weeks, HRForecast was able to provide hanseWasser Bremen GmbH tangible proposals for the optimization of the strategic workforce planning process and for the design of specific recruiting instruments.

Key insights & value-adds for the client

Skill Match Platform

Results in a nutschell…

  • Deployment of a flexible data model for the continuous prediction of the future workforce demand
  • Detection of cost saving potentials
  • Quantification of transformation costs for the target workforce structure
  • Development of a tailor-made sourcing strategy
  • Identification of the future availability of strategic and key roles on the labor market and within the existing workforce

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