Better recruiting and talent development strategy through macro-economic insights.

✓ Trend benchmark with other market players and competitors

✓ Awareness of strong and weak points in the recruiting strategy

✓ Best-practice job profiles for future-oriented recruiting and talent development


Energy sector



Employees in 2020:


Challenges faced.

Information technology has now become an integral part of the energy industry and has introduced many new career paths, such as Data Analysts, Automation Engineers, Data Scientists, etc. The HR strategy should adjust dynamically so that the right talent is made available to support technological progress in the business.

Guided by these considerations, HanseWerk wanted to optimize its recruiting and talent sourcing strategy. Two main challenges were defined:

  • How can improved job profiles attract better talents and how can the existing workforce be developed towards future job requirements
  • How can competitor benchmarking be utilized to analyze the labor market and future orientation of the energy industry
„HRForecast did a great job simplifying big data to easy-to-understand graphs and statements. Based on the analysis and recommendations of HRForecast possibilities for improvement were identified. The anticipation of trends regarding the development of future job profiles has proven itself as very valuable for us.“

Julia Wendel, Head of Human Resources, HanseWerk AG

Project approach.

/ 1      Definition of the target group

Together with HanseWerk we defined the target group for the analysis based on industry competitors and other major market players.

/ 2     Data analytics & evaluation

To perform competitor benchmarking, relevant career websites and major job portals were crawled.  The crawlers captured all published job openings of the defined market players. AI algorithms supported the recognition of future trends that are relevant to the energy industry. We analyzed the macro-economic data, providing information about the target group on job demand, skills, and trends.

/ 3   Insights & recommendations

Based on the results of the analysis we showed the potentials, where and how recruiting and talent development strategies can be optimized.

Key insights & added value for HanseWerk.

HanseWerk received:

  • Insights about the labor market of the energy industry and other similar companies
  • Awareness of the weak and strong points of the company’s job postings

HanseWerk profited from:

  • The creation of future job profiles that display the market view and future trends
  • Best-practice job postings that are adaptable for recruiting and talent development strategy

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