Location Decision

Exchange gut feeling with data-driven insights for smarter location decisions.

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What is your target?

  • Select a suitable location for your business
  • Tackle outsourcing, near- and far-shore challenges
  • Identify best-fit locations for defined skills, job profiles and business areas

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What we do

  • We help you define the set of criteria (e.g. costs, supply, business environment)
  • We provide analytics and visualise insights
  • We provide a shortlist of suitable locations (countries, regions, cities)
  • We consult management with risks and opportunities

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What you achieve

  • Advice for location selection based on proven data insights
  • Benchmark key location factors: labour costs, competitors, labour market availability, business environment, etc.

Used technology.

Global data pool

Descriptive & statistical methods

Data classification algorithms

Expert evaluation

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