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Labor Market Analytics

Faced challenges

In this project with SAP, HRForecast developed a labor market and competitor radar for the creation of strategic insights for the recruiting, development and technology strategy of Europe’s largest and leading software company. Facing a dynamic business environment driven by technological changes, the aim of the project was to assess the current market situation in the war for talent with focus on strategic workforce levers in recruiting and development.

Further requirement was gaining a global overview of ‘hot and trending’ skills, the geographical hot-spots and the competitor demand situation.

„Terrific work. We gained great insights into the external labor market which had in turn a immense impact to our approach.”

Christian Liebig, Head of People Insights, COO HR, SAP SE

Questions to be clarified

  • Which skills are key competitors and other players seeking?
  • Where are geographical skill hot-spots located?
  • Which sourcing strategies are employed by the market players?
  • Does SAP miss-out on any major skills?
  • What can be derived from the insights for SAP’s sourcing and development strategies?

Project approach

/ 1      Data Infrastructure Setup

To perform a benchmarking we setup the data crawlers to access relevant career websites and major job portals.  The crawlers captured all published job openings of the defined market players.

/ 2     A.I. and Machine Learning

Machine learning algorithms of our A.I. engine run on the crawled data to extract and classify relevant information on skills, jobs, locations and other components.

/ 3     Data Evaluation

Based on the data, we analyzed the global skill-demand situation by identifying sourcing risks and unveiling hidden potential.

/ 4     Insights & Recommendations

We determined strategic insights for the systematic development of the workforce as well as the recruiting strategy aligned with the business and workforce strategy

Key insights & value-adds for the client

SAP received leveraged analytics insights into

  • A talent acquisition strategy
  • Concrete talent acquisition practices

The client received integration of reports, KPIs and visualizations within the client’s business intelligence platform and executive dashboards.

SAP profited from the integration of big data technologies for determination of labor market insights.

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