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Upskill your workforce.

Discover and develop the skills of your employees with our skill management software smartPeople.

Your platform for skill management.


Make all the skills in your company transparent.


Identify the skill gaps and build future skills.


Break the silos and connect your employees.


Enable the skill transformation in your organization.

People analytics through skill matching.

smartPeople provides a deep dive into your organizational skill set:

  • Get transparency on which skills are available in your organization
  • Close the skill gaps and develop your employees towards the future
  • Identify the best-fit for an open task or vacancy and enable the talent mobility

Close the skill gaps.

Identify the skill gaps and critical skills in your organization. Empower the individual development of employees aligned with the company’s strategy and market trends.

“With the data-driven approach of HRForecast we were able to define necessary skill profiles and training recommendations in an automated, efficient way.”

Thomas Berthold, Head of Expert Qualification Management

Enable the talent mobility.

Identify people in your company with the best fit for a vacancy or a project task. It empowers internal talent mobility, opens new possibilities for your employees, and motivates them to learn.

Profit from our skill-based services.

Reduce recruiting costs and increase employee engagement

Identify employees within your organization with the right skills to fill vacancies, staff project teams or accomplish tasks based on our best-fit matching algorithm.

Enable the skill shift and connect the knowledge

Connect employees in your organization for improved networking and knowledge-sharing. smartPeople helps you drive innovation, build agile structures, and overcome department barriers.

How it works.

smartPeople helps you understand the skill set of your workforce, develop your people individually and offer them new career possibilities.

iconYour skill profile

smartPeople creates a personal profile based on the current skills and interests of an employee. A personal dashboard gives an overview which skills an employee possess at what level and detects exactly which skills an employee can develop further to achieve new professional goals and stay future-oriented.


iconBest-fit matching

A.I. algorithms will calculate a matching score between employees' skills and available tasks or job roles. The employees will see their perfect matches and also will know which skills they still have to work on to fulfil the requirements.


iconIndividual learning journey

Based on the career goals an employee will get a personalized learning journey to close the skill gaps and get prepared for the future project or dream job. Instead of the standard prescribed trainings, your employees will get tailored step-by-step suggestions including the effort estimated and concrete trainings you they complete.


iconKnowledge sharing & mentoring

Your employees can share their knowledge and experiences by working in new projects and challenging themselves with new tasks. Your employees can get to know colleagues who are the experts in specific areas and find a mentor for a certain topic or become one themselves.


smartPeople packages.


Basic proposition.

  • Skill profiles & automated skill upload
  • Access to the HRForecast skill library 100.000+ skills
  • Internal labor market (personalized jobs, tasks, projects matches)
  • Self-Service On-boarding Support
  • HRForecast helpcenter


Add-ons to Essential.

  • Skill analytics dashboard
  • Batch uploads (automated job, skill integration and APIs)
  • Career and skill recommendations
  • Single-sign on integration
  • Customer branding
  • Phone support


Add-ons to Professional.

  • Individual learning journeys
  • Access to the HRF training library (90.000+ trainings)
  • LMS Integration
  • Dedicated contact person

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