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Future profiles & labor market analytics.


Chemical industry

Revenue 2017:

Ca. €5 billion

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Future Job Profiles and Labor Market Analytics


Faced challenges

Wacker Chemie AG wanted to evaluate existing engineering job profiles in regards to the future fit and provide best-practices. One of the project challenges was to define future-proven profiles in a mid-term (up to 5 years) and long-term (ca. 10 years) scenario. Moreover, it was important for the client  to gain transparency on competitors’ sourcing strategy and availability of skills on the global labor market.

„The big data analyses provided a valuable foundation for our strategic recruiting and development decisions“

Dr. Silvia TeuberDirector HR Development, Wacker Chemie AG

Questions to be clarified

  • Which skills will be relevant for the specific job profiles in the future?
  • Which impact do trends and technologies have on the current job profiles?
  • Which skills are key competitors and players seeking?
  • How do sourcing strategies differ within the chemical industry?
  • Where are geographical skill hot-spots located?

Project approach

/ 1      Data Infrastructure Setup

To perform a benchmarking we setup the data crawlers to access relevant career websites and major job portals.  The crawlers captured all published job openings of the defined market players.

/ 2     A.I. and Machine Learning

Machine learning algorithms of our A.I. engine run on the crawled data to extract and classify relevant information on skills, jobs, locations and other components.

/ 3   Data Evaluation

Selection of the relevant companies / industries and visualisation of the data. Algorithms support in detecting insights and future trends relevant to the Telecommunications / IT industry.

/ 4     Insights & Recommendations

Based on analysis we determined key areas of improvement to optimize the recruiting and development strategy and recommended necessary subsequent steps.

Key insights & value-adds for the client

The client received acumen about labor market situation, including

  • insights of competitors’ behaviour
  • implications on recruiting & development strategy

Wacker Chemie AG gained transparency on the ‘hot’ skills availability and sourcing strategies.

The client received best-practice future-oriented job profiles for optimized recruiting.

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