The Skillbox Platform connects employees to open jobs
based on a best-fit algorithm. Its aim is to make the job
search process easier and faster.

Skillbox – Unveil Hidden Potential

The Skillbox Platform is a unique solution for both, HR managers and your employees. It comes as a mobile application and is powered by an A.I. based skill-matching technology. The app lets you experience a new view on data-driven workforce management and is aimed to make your recruiting and staffing processes more efficient. Its modular architecture satisfies the following use-cases:

  • Skill Match Platform

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1. Fill Vacancies

The Skillbox Platform connects employees to open jobs based on a best-fit algorithm. Its aim is to make the job search process easier and faster. For this, the skills of an employee are matched against job requirements with our skill-matching technology. If a match is detected, both sides, HR managers and the employees can indicate their interest (swipe right) or disinterest (swipe left) establishing a connection between them. The two parties can then start communicating about the job offer directly in the app. The app constantly learns from the behavior of the users to improve the algorithm and provide better matches and proposals.

2. Find Skill and Knowledge

The Skillbox Platform enables an efficient task assignment and staffing process in your company. The target is to connect employees – seeking support on a time-limited project or task that require specific skills – to other employees in the same organization. The matching algorithm will detect candidates from the skill pool according to a best-match principle. It is possible to offer a task to the employee or the employee can apply for it on his own. With this app, the knowledge-sharing process as well as self-organization in the company are fostered.

3. Ease Change Processes

This function of the Skillbox Platform supports the employees to find new career opportunities outside of the company. Users receive a job feed that suit their skills and other requirements (e.g. location distance) from a huge pool of job postings. In this way, the employer can actively support employees in outplacement processes.

4. Manage Careers

The algorithms of the Skillbox Platform identify skill gaps between employee profiles and requirements. We utilize an artificial intelligence to propose suitable trainings, development programs and career steps to employees to close the gaps. With this tool, the employee can select a range of measures while the employer can be sure, that all talent development efforts are channeled to the strategic development of the workforce.

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