Ever changing environments, macroeconomic influence
factors and innovative talent resources: We provide the
required knowledge for a sustainable and efficient workforce.

Align your Workforce with the Business Strategy – Strategic Workforce Planning

„It’s difficult to make predictions, especially about the future“. If this was first phrased by Mark Twain or Winston Churchill – nothing has changed fundamentally.However, today’s possibilities to, despite all uncertainties, adjust to upcoming trends at an early stage are as various as never beforeWith our specific know-how and supported by powerful Big Data analytic tools, we are able to enrich your business strategy with concrete statements on your future workforce demand. Target figures may be the major topic in the summary; but only with the right talents, plans can become reality.

We provide:

  • High scalability of planning levels as required: Creation of „job families“ and required job descriptions, individual and necessary qualifications and training requirements
  • Development and execution of instruments for a proactive and long-term oriented recruiting
  • Modeling of various scenarios in volatile environments
  • Evaluation of costs and risks in accordance with your business model and strategic planning

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In compliance with the change

Ever changing environments, macroeconomic influence factors and innovative talent resources: We provide the required knowledge for a sustainable and efficient workforce. Including your approximate demand of jobs as well as the involved qualifications. Having the right people at the right time and place provides competitive advantages and lets you succeed in achieving your company strategy. HR gets even more important: It is the focal point to achieve your goals. With advanced analytical methods we provide reliable data and  a comprehensible and profound basis for decision-making.

Our Experience is Your Benefit

HRForecast is a pioneer in the area of strategic workforce planning. Our key to success is our unique cybernetic approach and the application of the latest big data technologies.

Make your strategic workforce plan a competitive advantage:

  • highly efficient planning process streamlined to your specific business case
  • excellent analytical capability and extensive hands-on HR and Finance experience
  • workforce insights using big data technology, state of the art predictive tools, workforce simulations and scenario planning
  • receive faster, more precise results than you could expect from conventional methods

We offer Strategic Workforce Planning as a managed service. There is no need to build-up any internal resources or touch your IT landscape.


Significant results, presented appealingly

The result of complex data analysis: clearly arranged tables and charts with high informative value. We provide clarity in what circumstances different areas of your company have to expect a shortage of staff, the various resources labour markets supply, why a workforce is not as diverse as aspired to – everything HR needs for sustainable workforce planning.

Learn how strategic workforce planning is driving digitalization

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