War for Talent

How to win the war for talent

Global competition, emerging skill shortages, and changing demographics are challenging companies to acquire the right talents. With our data analytics solutions we help you secure the right workforce for the future and bridge the resource gaps.


of managers are increasing investments into recruiting 

(Deloitte CFO Survey 2018) 


of CFOs want to invest more in employer branding activities 

(Deloitte CFO Survey 2018) 


is the city in Europe with the longest time to hire

(HRForecast data) 


more recruiters searched for in 2018 (vs. 2017)

 (HRForecast data) 

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Get transparency about untapped workforce skills through automated skill-assessment enabling you to unleash the real potential of your people and your company.

Location Decision

Our global data pool provides crucial data insights making the decision process on company locations transparent, fact-based and reliable.

Labor Market Analytics

By analyzing millions of macro-economic data sources we answer your labor-market-related questions.

Future Job Profiles

We analyse millions of job postings, patent data, statistics and other sources to help you define the necessary job profiles and skills of tomorrow.

Skill Management

We use artificial intelligence algorithms to reveal the untapped skills of the workforce and align it with the company strategy.

Demography Management

A major demographic shift transforms company. Acting in time will not only minimize the risks but will also allow you to gain an important advantage over your competitors.

Find the right people for your company faster.

As the world becomes increasingly digitalized, the global talent shortage – not only in tech-driven industries – is becoming bigger and bigger. Innovative approaches and new recruiting apps are essential to attract and maintain critical talent in an increasingly demand-driven market. With our data-driven apps and solutions, we help companies to recruit, develop and retain employees.

Gain outside insights with labor market analytics.

There is no recipe for attracting talents successfully! But there is labor market analytics, which helps you to apply industry best-practices and trends of the labor market in your business. We help you translate these trends into future-oriented skills and required job profiles and also make location decisions based on facts around labor supply, demand and costs.

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