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Strategic Skill Management.

If only you knew what you know…

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After SWP set the stage, use Strategic Skill Management to integrate into skill management concepts. A unique combo provides you with the best set of employees’ skills, points at the skill gaps and transformation requirements, and unlock the earlier hidden skills and unseen potentials.

  • to ensure you the current and future global skill landscape we provide you the skills from any relevant data sources
  • to force your future business scenarios to fit the skillset requirements we reveal your critical skill-profiles for current & future job roles
  • to determine skill availability, we delve into labour market insights on upskilling potential within the existing workforce
  • to provide you the visible result we pair transformation needs with suitable HR measures

Host: Andreas Hamsen, Director Business Development

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Strategic Workforce Planning with #smartPlan.

Benefit from the real-time labor market insights.

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Employers and employees who want to be on the rise should know how to turn their business strategy into workforce demands, use right tools to optimize the future workforce structure and make HR working towards the workforce transformation. Based on by AI-accompanied #smartPlan you get…

  • a full workforce risk analysis (demographics, retention, career bottlenecks) with translation your future business scenarios into concrete workforce requirements
  • identification and prioritization of your workforce gaps together with further personalized gap-closing proposals
  • tool support for SWP independent self-services and monitoring

Host: Andreas Hamsen, Director Business Development

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Skill up and get #smartPeople.

Benefit from the #smartPeople employee matching software.

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Learn how to discover and connect the knowledge in your company, develop your employees and build an agile workforce with #smartPeople – employee matching software. In our webinar you will learn how can you with a help of #smartPeople:

  • digitize HR administrative tasks
  • gain transparency on the workforce skills
  • ensure that the right skills are made available to the right tasks
  • empower your employees to develop individually to drive the knowledge transformation

Host: Andreas Hamsen, Director Business Development

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Gain outside insights with #smartInsights.

People analytics dashboards for faster and better decisions.

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Today it is a high time to delve into the data-based decisions. You will see how #smartInsights can…

  • design your decision process with KPI reportings, root-cause analysis, predictive analytics and machine-learning technologies
  • create a powerful, meaningful data-pool out of unstructured and doubtful data
  • simplify to share your visualized insights with stakeholders in a best way

Add here some analytics templates, easy integration in your backend system and individual corporate customization, and you can see the real way to succeed and benefit in your analytical decisions.

Host: Andreas Hamsen, Director Business Development

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Future Insights: Everything is moving – except for HR?

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Do you want to have a deep dive into our global study and find out how we analyzed 120.000 job postings of the HR departments across 9 countries? Learn about it in our ‚Future Insights‘ webinar.

Following topics will be discussed in the webinar:
– Which country is the most future oriented in HR field?
– How the HR skill landscape is changing in the light of digitalization?
– What skills will be necessary for HR in the future?
– What skill lose on importance in HR area?
– What future HR job roles will appear?

Host: Andreas Hamsen, 

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PowerBI Training

Download the required files for the PowerBI training.

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